Video Tutorials

A collection of video tutorials to inform and inspire you to grab your camera, head out the door, and create the images you have always dreamed of.

What the heck is a teleconverter and how can it improve your photography? In this video, I explain what teleconverters do and why you should always keep one in your pocket.

If you want to photograph wildlife, you need to know how to find wildlife.  In this video, I explore the advantages of photographing in destinations where the wildlife is abundant and habituated.

Do your videos look great, but sound terrible?  In this video, I discuss how to record better audio and get the best audio results from your DSLR camera.

Do you struggle with video focus on your DSLR camera?  In this video, I offer some tips and techniques you can use to capture high quality, in focus video footage with your DSLR camera.

This video is a combination of video and still images I took during a visit to Antarctica. The video tries to answer the question, "Was it worth it?" Check out the video to find out.

The first short film I ever created!  It was created as part of my time at The Wildlife Film Academy.  This educational video looks at the amazing evolutionary steps plants have taken to survive in a dangerous world.