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Tutorials About Video

Transitioning to Video  - A closer look at what is takes to transition from still photography to video.  In this tutorial we explore the still photography skills that transfer over and new skills that must be developed to achieve quality video.

Video Equipment Essentials  - What do you actually need to create good video?  Will your cell phone work, a DSRL, or will you be forced to take out a second mortgage to finance your new interest?  This tutorial looks at the equipment that is needed to produce quality videos and how to use it.

Sound  - Sound can make or break a movie.  With no still photography equivalent, many photographers feel overwhelmed with the need to record quality audio.  The good news is it really isn't that hard.  This tutorial focuses on how to record good audio, including microphone options, sound recorders, and tips for obtaining the best sound possible.

Editing Video  - After the filming is done, the real work begins.  In the editing studio, the pieces of your film mesh together and the story is revealed.  This tutorial provides a very basic introduction to the art of editing.

Sharing Your Videos - Once you finish your film, how do you get it out to your audience?  This tutorial explores distribution options for the developing filmmaker.  File sharing, DVD encoding, and online streaming are all discussed as options for getting your movies in front of your intended audience.

Blue Chip vs. Presenter Films - Times change and so do popular film styles.  In this tutorial, we explore the two big natural history film categories: blue chip and presenter films.  We look at the characteristics of each, including the advantages and limitations for independent filmmakers.

Incorporating People into Natural History Films - Do people have a part to play in natural history films?  If so, what form can that part take?  In this tutorial, we explore the inclusion of people in nature films and how they  can be incorporated for best effect in your own films. 

How to Prepare for a Successful Interview - A successful interview involves a great deal of preparation.  In this tutorial, we consider the steps needed to prepare for a killer interview.